UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on August 31st 2014 – Very unusual and bright sphere which hovered and then changed direction as two lights.

Sunday night August 31, 2014, I was watching television in our great room and out of the big windows that open to woods behind our house, I saw a light so unusual that I jumped out of my chair to look at it. I realized that I had seen it about two nights earlier just very briefly as it passed by��� but at the time gave it no thought other than it was characteristically unusual but did not stop. That time I jumped up too, it was so odd.
The spherical light appeared at 8:15 pm by clearing the trees. In fact, I could see that something was preparing to emerge, it was so bright.
The nature of the light that was so unusual is not only its brilliance, but that it appeared to be constructed of many hundreds of ���rays��� that were a bit wider at the origin of the sphere, but which became pointed at the outside of its halo. I have seen many different lights, spotlights, strobes, brilliant incandescent, fluorescent, etc��� but never anything of this nature. Nothing like this has ever been part of any type of aircraft that I am aware of either.
The light hovered for about 2 minutes and was constantly lit. It came from precisely 240 degrees, or NNW, and just floated and was probably 1-2 miles away…although it was hard to be precise. The angle was 15 degrees from the horizon. Almost anywhere between us and 2 miles distant would place if over the undeveloped western shore of Blue Springs Lake.
It was a bright light unlike anything I have ever seen, but then moved away to our left in the general direction that would lead to Lakeland Lake, and out of sight. When it turned westerly, what may have been behind it appeared as a red second light almost as large as the first. It may also have morphed into to��� can���t say for sure. The front one very bright yellowish white, the second was red. The lights stayed on, but did seem to pulse.
I have attached one of the photos I took. Unfortunately the camera in my phone could not capture the detail of the ���rays��� I mentioned.

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