UFO Sightings of June- July 1965

I came of age in the glory years of the early space race. I was fortunate to have scientifically minded older brothers who got me interested in sky watching and astronomy while still in grade school. We lived in the country and made full use of the dark country skies We had not only good binoculars but a 6” reflector telescope too. By the time I was entering high school I knew everything in the night sky and when it was visible.

UFO’s were in the news in the mid 60’s as were our own space launches. When we had these sightings there was an even chance we thought that they could be our own objects. We had already correctly identified most of the handful of satellites and space junk in orbit. I recall seeing Telestar and the tumbling blink of spent booster rockets in low earth orbit. We were young but we were not easily fooled.

I was the first to see one of the strange high altitude lights in the summer sky. It moved from west to east as a bluish white non twinkling single point source. It wasn’t a streaking light but it was far from lazy in it’s progress. I estimate it appeared easily twice as fast as a jetliner seen at 30,000’. It was dead silent and in those days the nights were quiet and you could usually hear even the highest flying aircraft. I was able to train my binoculars on it and it continued to appear as a blue white point of light I watched it for about two minutes and when it was just past mid overhead it began growing dimmer and within five to ten seconds it faded out. The time was 9:30PM. I went inside and told my brothers what I had seen and one of them came out and we sky watched for another hour and saw nothing except aircraft which were always easy to identify no matter how high they flew.

A couple of nights later we set up a serious vigil and were not disappointed. The appearance of a tumbling booster made for a good start but around midnight the first of two lights appeared. This one followed the same basic course as the first one I saw although it was moving NW to SE. We both saw it through binoculars and were able to cross verify our observations as they happened. This light faded into the distance. Around 20 minutes later the second light appeared. It moved N to S and moved at the speed of the first. We were pretty excited as the second light traveled above but it did something unexpected about mid sky. It stopped dead and appeared as nothing more than a blue white non twinkling light. We watched it for perhaps a minute trying to figure if a known aircraft could do this silently and at great altitude. The light remained stationary for a few more moments then it began moving again. It seemed to go through a short burst of speed that quickly translated into it gaining altitude where it faded out as it had climbed away from earth and was now too far above to be seen at all. It’s disappearance left a distinctly different impression of how it disappeared than the other ones.

The next session produced a third version of the lights. By now my two older brothers had joined the hunt and on this night we scanned the sky looking for movement. We saw the usual aircraft and a meteor or two but nothing strange. It was around 11:PM when my older brother announced that he had just picked up a light that had begun moving after appearing as a stationary point of light. All three of us sighted in on it and over a period of 10 or 15 seconds it had increased velocity and became the fastest of all the lights we saw. My oldest brother said “I don’t know what that is but whatever it is it sure seems to be in hurry to get somewhere now.”

We may have had eight or ten watching sessions and saw a few more of these things. This was in late June through early July 1965. After a break of six or seven weeks I spent several nights watching but I never saw those lights again. Whatever they were they seemed to have been present for a specific time only. This took place near Lakewood NJ.

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