Alien Encounter in Lake of Pines East Texas , Texas on September 3rd 2014 – abduction

Very large ears, small nose, small eyes, long fingers, long necks, normal skin color, large ears.Looks a lot like us. Said they are here because they need fat and they need to store it. Said that the world as we know it is going to change drastically very soon. Told me not to tell anyone. Put probes on my head and the probes left marks. I fainted. Very scary. Why would they tell me. Said there are a lot of hybrids everywhere. There was green medicine on them. they said, “The perishment of you will attract attention but you will be disregarded” I asked why me? My wife was beside me in bed. They told me she could not hear them and they held me down so I couldn’t wake her. They are very strong. I am terrified. They told me not to tell anyone. I told my wife and my best friend. My wife sees the scars on my head where the probes were placed. My friend is reporting this for me. i am too scared. Did not see the UFO. I am reporting this for my friend. He is terrified they will come back and kill him if he talks.

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