National UFO Alert: Seven states report 285 August cases

Here is some new about the status of reports as they have stacked up so far this year in the US.
I wonder how it has been world wide?


Posted by: Roger Marsh September 2, 2014
The National UFO Alert Rating System has been updated for September 2014, with California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio moving to a UFO Alert 3 as the highest reporting states during the month of August 2014, filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
California was the leading high-reporting state in August with 99 cases, down from 104 July cases, 107 June cases, 102 May cases, 80 April cases, 103 March cases, 59 February cases, and 102 January cases. Those states in a UFO Alert 4 category with 13 or more reports include: Washington, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, Indiana, and New Jersey.
All other states move to a UFO Alert 5 category with lower numbers of UFO activity. The Watch States – with 10 or more cases – are Georgia, Nevada, Alabama, Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and South Carolina.
MUFON released August statistics September 1, where the total number of reported UFO sightings is listed by state. The entire country was moved back to the lowest alert level – UFO Alert 5.
California takes the lead with 99 cases; Texas, 42; New York, 29; Michigan, 28; Florida, 26; Pennsylvania, 26; and Ohio, 25.
Those states with 13 or more reports, the next reporting tier level, are a UFO Alert 4 status: Washington, 23; Illinois, 22; Missouri, 20; North Carolina, 16; Oregon, 15; Colorado, 14; Indiana, 14; and New Jersey, 13.
Our Watch States this month are – with 10 reports or more: Georgia, 12; Nevada, 12; Alabama, 11; Arizona, 10; Maryland, 10; Massachusetts, 10; New Hampshire, 10; Connecticut, 10; and South Carolina, 10.

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