Possible UFO Propulsion

Ever wonder how a UFO could work? I have a theory concerning UFO propulsion which might prove that UFOs may not be alien in origin. In my theory I will explain my hypothesis on UFO propulsion and protection. I understand that this subject isn’t the easiest subject to understand so I’ll try to make my explanation as simple as possible.

Here I go…

Before getting into the hard part (propulsion) I will first Address some of the hazards of space travel which my UFO design will be able to protect against.

THE FIRST hazard of space travel is radiation in outer-space. The sun and stars produce high amounts of “charged particles” and fling these particles out into space via solar wind and solar storms. These charged particles are called “alpha particles” and “beta particles” and they are the most common forms of radioactivity in the universe. These particles are deadly to humans and you’ll need to block them in order to stay alive for long distance travel to other stars and beyond.

More on solar wind here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zOlkIyg3iE

THE SECOND hazard to space travel is micro-meteors. There is an abundance of asteroids in deep space, they are like giant rocks floating around in the asteroid belt, some times the giant rocks slam into each other breaking off small fragments that travel at high speed which can potentially cause a great deal of damage to your ship perhaps even destroying your ship on impact. If we are ever to get to the nearest stars then it is essential that we can block these tiny bullets should they come into our path.

small clip about micrometeorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l2KkT-OkPE

THE THIRD hazard to space travel is actually zero gravity, Being exposed to zero gravity for long periods can cause severe loss of muscle mass and bone strength causing atrophy. If you remain in zero gravity for more then one year without exercise then come back to earth, you’ll find that you’ll barely be able to walk because your muscles and and bones degenerated from lack of use.

more on the dangers of zero gravity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsZWVBmpj18

radiation, meteors and zero gravity. These are among the 3 most important dangers that any astronaut faces when traveling into deep space human or otherwise. How do you protect yourself form these dangers? Well part of my UFO propulsion system offers a great deal of protection from the many dangers of space travel and this is how.

As mentioned in the first video about solar wind (towards the end) It talks about the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field of the earth (also called the magnetosphere) is like a force field which protects us all from the deadly solar winds. Without the magnetosphere we would all be cooked alive by radiation and the atmosphere would be be stripped away.

But what if a space ship had a powerful magnetic field around it? wouldn’t the field protect the occupants of the ship from space radiation just like the earth protects us? Yes, Yes it would. UFO’s allegedly have magnetic fields around them and for good reason, it provides protection from space radiation and is a must have for space travelers, even aliens. NASA has proven this concept in the lab, Magnetic fields are indeed excellent radiation shields.

This video is proof that magnetic fields can indeed be used as radiation force fields. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXEC-v5lQ64

The experiment seems complicated but its just a simulation of solar wind and a regular old magnet in the middle. If you tossed a regular magnet into space it would have a magnetic force field around it.

So that’s 1 down 2 to go.

If you had a magnetic field around your your ship then it could double as a micro meteor shield. you see most meteors are made of iron and nickel both elements are (ferromagnetic) meaning they are attracted by magnets, so if you had a magnetic field around your ship then you could deflect the tiny iron particles to the magnetic poles of your ship, protecting most of your ship from meteors. only the small area around the magnetic poles of your ship could get hit. you could reinforce those areas of the ship to be designed to take those kinds of impacts while more vulnerable areas of the ship like windows and fuel tanks get protected.

that’s 2 down 1 to go.

Lastly the magnetic field could triple as a means of archiving artificial gravity by sort of replacing gravity with magnetism. Allegedly Aliens wear metallic jumper suits which could be partly magnetic. By simply wearing the suit you could get a form of artificial gravity by being attracted to the ship’s magnet.

To do all of these things you will need a powerful magnetic field which needs to be as strong as possible, But what is the most powerful magnet known to man? Some would say neodymium, But that kind of magnet isn’t nearly powerful enough to provide protection and artificial gravity for an entire ship effectively. You need something far more powerful then neodymium. There is a type of magnet called a “superconducting magnet” which can potentially be upwards of 37 times more powerful then neodymium!

Here is some information about superconducting magnets. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory: An Introduction to Magnets (page 5)

As mentioned in the article most superconducting magnets are huge clunky complex machines. They are that way only because they need to remain very cold in-order to operate. The article above focuses on what is known as “type 1” superconductors which require temperatures as low as 4 degrees above absolute zero to operate. But in 1987 a new type of superconductor was discovered called “type 2” superconductors (YBCO) which don’t require such extreme temperatures to work. And only as late as 2000 were they able to make type 2 superconductors into flexible coils needed to create the magnet. If a space craft had a type 2 superconductor coil magnet core then it would be perfectly reasonable to allow the frigid temperature space to cool the coils without complex clunky machinery.

Before I go any further I want to do a recap.
So On recap I told you about the many dangers of space (radiation, micro-meteors and zero gravity) after that I told you how to defend yourself against these dangers with a powerful magnetic field. Lastly I told you how to make a super strong magnet which would be perfect for protecting a space craft. Take some time to go around the internet learning about this stuff if you don’t understand and If you have questions just post them below.

The powerful superconducting magnet is just the first part of the space craft and offers many of the necessities for deep space travel.

Next I’ll talk about collecting power for the ship and storing that power.

The same superconducting magnet which serves so many functions also acts as a mega strong battery, you see inorder to make the superconducting coil a magnet you need to fill it with electrical energy (like an electro magnet) but because superconductors have no electrical resistivity you can make the electricity flow in a loop as a result of the electricity flowing in a loop a magnetic field is created you can then extract the electricity flowing in a loop to power the ship. This type of battery system is called a “superconducting magnetic energy storage” system or “SMES” for short.

This video describes how energy is stored inside a superconducting magnet

These types of batteries are among the most powerful batteries known to man, they can be charged to hold upwards of 500,000 watts of energy or more depending on their size.

As for collecting power, the ship uses the charged particles around the ship as means for collecting energy. Most modern spacecraft and satellites use solar panels for collecting energy. This type of ship uses the magnetic field around it to separate alpha particles form beta particles, concentrating them at the magnetic poles of the ship, then by using 2 electrodes (one at the north pole and one at the south pole) you can get positive and negative.

Alpha particles are positively charged particles and will be attracted and concentrated at the south pole of the ship’s magnetic field giving you a positive electrode.

Beta particles are negatively charged electrons and will be attracted to the north pole of the ships magnetic field. The effect is similar to the way the aurora lights form on earth but on a smaller scale. You can collect more energy by having a larger/more powerful magnetic field. If you had a gas around the ship then it would create its own Van Allen Belts (sort of) and glow.

The ship would be able to collect vast amounts of energy in this way, much more energy then solar panels. but only outside the earth’s magnetic field, If you just plan to orbit around the earth then this method of accumulating power would be inferior to solar panels

SO let’s do another recap on the information I’ve talked about so that I can abbreviate all this complex mombo jumbo and make it easier to understand.

The ship has a superconducting magnet which serves as a radiation shield, micro meteor shield, magnetic artificial gravity generator and battery. As a result of the magnetic field deflecting charged particles, similar to the way the earth does, the ship gets 2 oppositely charged regions around the magnetic poles of the superconducting magnet, these 2 areas are used to accumulate energy in space by simply using those 2 areas as electrodes in an ordinary circuit.

Now onto propulsion.

The propulsion of this craft is a form electro-magnetodynamic propulsion. Many of you may have heard of “magneto-hydrodynamic” propulsion which is similar and based on the same concepts. It would help if you familiarize yourself with the abundant information on the subject of magneto-hydrodynamics.

Here is a video about MHD propulsion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIaL21_TkDg

What I’m talking about is very similar to what was seen on the video, even though the video wasn’t the greatest it demonstrates the simple nature of this propulsion system, but what was seen in the video was a “thruster” my ship does not use “thrusters”

This other video demonstrates something more along the lines of what my ship does, and it has catchy music.

Notice how the water went around in a circular path, it is do to JxB forces, otherwise known as the Lorentz force. My ship uses exactly the same concept to propel the craft in salt water and in the air, But it’s not that simple, In the air the craft uses a high voltage high frequency pulse current but in the water the craft uses less voltage and more amps (because of the viscus consistency and conductivity of salt water) This craft could fly in the air and go under the sea and still be able to function just fine.

It is important that you notice the circular path the water took in the last video, you can see that on one pole water is getting sucked out and on the other pole water is getting sucked in. The ship uses this concept to cut away air resistance (drag) to almost nothing by sucking the air out in front of it. The ship forms a bubble of plasma air around the ship with very high voltage, when the high voltage is in the presence of the ultra strong magnetic field of the superconducting magnet an effect called “spin” occurs enveloping the ship in a plasma bubble. The magnetic field of the high voltage current is actually somewhat weak, but the strength of the superconducting magnet compensates to form a stable bubble, because of the high frequency pulse, the charged air get’s accelerated like particles in a cyclotron and become very high energy if you hit the resonance frequency. The ship can exit the earth’s atmosphere with it’s bubble of air around it as the lorentz force keeps those air particles from escaping the grasp of the ship’s extra strong magnetic field.

The ship can change direction by simply tilting ant turning the superconducting magnet inside the ship without the need for fins or anything on the surface of the ship, this ship would appear as a luminous ball of light in the sky because it is enveloped in a ball of plasma gas, you wouldn’t be able to see the ship inside the ball of glowing gas but if the ship landed then you would see a shiny disk shaped craft.

I know that this shit is overly complicated but you’ll find that all that I have said can be backed up with proof and that this craft is possible. If you have any questions (undoubtedly) then just reply. I have this Idea but can’t find anybody who can understand it please help.

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