The Flatwoods Monster Incident And UFO Wave Of September 12, 1952

Eastern Seaboard Canada to Florida…
West Virginia is outlined

The Flatwoods Monster Incident 
And UFO Wave of September 12, 1952

by Alfred Lehmberg

Upcoming, the anniversary of the 62 year old “Flatwoods Monster” meme seems right out of the Science Fiction of the 1950s.  So?  It has its own built in “cognitive dissonance, see?”  It is wholly dismissible… if you need it to be.   Errantly, many do.

It remains that there is solid logic, abundant citation, un-stretched evidence and decided circumstance highlighting the startling actuality of even 1950s Science fiction.  It very well may be, the reader might come to find, a matter of the truly existential occurring in the real world.  Such appears to be so.

I remind everyone of two things: it is 1952, and revealing itself in the well documented activity of that year is the biggest UFO flap in United States history… “The Summer of Saucers, 1952,” one, and two, a person is going to describe astonishing and unspeakable events happening to them in the language that they have… or merely be pointing back into the darkness and incoherently exclaiming, “Gaa Gaa, Gaa… …Gaa!”  I understand there was a little of that, too.  Remains, 1952’s language of its described true incidents is just going to have a 1950’s SyFy flair. How can it not?

September the 12th, 1952 remains a seminal date whatever the language. Whatever it was to have occurred was documented to have occurred, and so indeed occurred, in fact. What actually occurred, exactly; however, is wholly unknown and only described, as noted, in the inadequate language of the day… but there is a lot of that language, reader. There is written language, an oral language, a language that has been video-taped or otherwise recorded that Frank Feschino has intrepidly sussed out…

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