UFO Sighting in Bethlehem, New Hampshire on September 2nd 2014 – hovering reddish orange lights in a definite shape, possibly a triangle

It was a very hot day, so I was frequently going outside to cool off as it was cooler outside than in. Every time I would go out I would gaze at the stars as it was a beautiful clear night at the time. Around 9:30 pm I went outside, while looking around the sky I noticed several redish orangish pale lights northeast of my direction. Initially I thought it was a plane but I quickly realized that it wasn’t making any noise, it was too low for a normal plane and it wasn’t moving. There was a definite shape to it and I believe these lights were attached to the object and weren’t independent of each other. I think it might have been a triangle similar to the one I observed in this same area a few months ago with different colored lights, however I’m not positive on the exact shape due to the distance and angle I was from the object. The lights seemed to pulsate simultaneously with eachother. I only got to observe the object for about a minute and then it just faded out and never reappeared.

I see planes here at night often and I am confident this was not a plane or any conventional aircraft for that mater. UFO reports in this area are common place, they are just largely under-reported to mufon. Talk to just about anyone around here and they probably have a story. This marks my second sighting this year.

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