UFO Sighting in Glocester, Rhode Island on September 2nd 2014 – orange sphere

I was sitting in my car in the grocery store parking lot
talking on my phone around 8:15 on September 2, 2014
when I observe a large glowing orange sphere type object
coming over the trees.
I was yelling what the hell is that into the phone?
I had a fear that something would crash to the ground and
I was afraid I may be in danger- it veered slightly to the left
and higher in the sky on a diagnal course.
I then got out of my car and watched it glow by
it seemed to be glowing/pulsating- it traveled like a small
plane gliding almost- and I watched it till it was out of sight.
No idea what is it was- never saw anything like that
almost doesnt even seem possible I saw it.

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