UFO Sighting in Homestead, Florida on July 15th 2014 – POSSIBLE UFO SEEN ON CELL PHONE PICTURE


My husband and I were touring the “CORAL CASTLE” in Homestead, FL with a handful of other people on 7/15/14. When I got home and reviewed the cell / smart phone pix, I then noticed the disk-looking object in the sky. I never saw it while taking those pictures. The picture taken a couple of seconds before (of tour guide) was not taken with HDF & there is no “object” in that photo with a very light sky color. The pic I have taken (again of same tour guide) with HDF shows a bluer sky and that strange oval / disk object. I have taken thousands of pix with cell phones and never, ever have I had something show up like that!!!

Sadly, I just did not notice it (UFO / disk) until we returned home. I was AMAZED! I took nearly 80 photos and there is nothing odd in any of those shots! I sent both pix to family and friends and they, too, were truly stunned! I just wish it would have been seen at the time but it wasn’t – UNLESS anyone else on that tour took a pic at the same time in high def & in the same direction. There may be something easily explainable here since we were near the Air Force reserve facility (which was built after Hurricane Andrew in 1992).

My 6 pix are taken in sequential order. The tour was around an hour & 10 minutes and then we went to the gift shop. I have pix of the time stamped receipts for entry for 2 people and 1 tee that was purchased, so I was able to pinpoint time at the Coral Castle. The entry time was 3:51 PM EST & 5:02 PM at the gift shop. The event had to take place in that time frame.

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