UFO Sighting in West Covina, California on November 3rd 2013 – first it was 3 stars that spoke to me then 5 days later ship like the sun wanted me to leave with him told them not yet they said pick me up later after that day could tell past present futureand also IQ went up but little by little started to here less

at first it was 3 stars that came down they told me that it was alexander grrrrrrrrdnk and my brothers sebastian and joaquin they also mentioned that i was special and that i would have a special power here on earth as soon as they left something weird happened some ghosts appeard told me that i needed to go down the street to my new home said thet my family was there but when i got there started to feel like i was in an elevator like someone was trying to hypnotize me then on the door in front of me a cartoon made of pencil appeard first it was three people then to were killed then a pot appeared like a cannibal pot then the one guy starts to put blood on his face then he starts to eat the blood then a picture of me dying and getting resurected appeard after that the people inside told me i needed to sign with my blood so i took out my swiss aemy knife but when i tried to cut myself nothing happened so i left then a week later object like the sun came down then it was dark but the sun came really fast like if they were controlling the time it was my father alexander because thats whaT HE TOLD ME TO CALL HIM he said that i had to leave with him or else it was going to be long and painfull i told him i couldnt because of my kids he clearly told me that i was going to get encarcerated and the process was going to be long and painfull and told me step by step what was going to happen to me and it did happen but before he left he saidthat he was go whole bunch of technology i said at the moment no because i didnt want it to be used in a bad way so he said i’d know when and also said since i stayed behind he said your turn to go up will be much later but while youre down here you are protector and your job is to protect everything around you then after that in back of the ship he sprayed some kind of fertilizer because i remember seeing the spray squirt out everywhere like something that had multiple colors then after that day i experienced that when i spoke to people i could tell them there whole life past present future i could even communicate with people thet had already past in both realms also the stars moved for me they still do i remember asking the stars questions and they answer yes or no i also recall two roosters coming next to me like if they were in a trance but they stood on my right side side by side and also let me pet them and also happened with these two vicious dogs like nothing walked side by side next to me and till this dayeverything i know feels great the me hearing peoples thoughts died little by little the good thing i can still read people and i’m also waiting to leave but till that day comes i listen and look up.

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