Black Triangle Sighting in Catalina, Arizona on February 18th 2000 – Clear afternoon,driving south,and silver triangle caught my eye

I used to drive up and down the Pinal Parkway,between Catalina,Az. And Coolidge,Az. To get to my job. One afternoon,about 2pm,while driving back to Tucson, A silver object caught my eye. My husband was in the Airforce and I am familiar with military aircraft in our area. The object was traveling north and looked different. I pulled off the two lane road,and got out of my truck to get a better look. At the same time across the road another car stopped. I didn’t say anything to them,as they got out to look also. The silver object was triangle shaped,no sound,no lights and sort of gliding. As I thought to myself,how can it be going so slow and be that big…..the craft speed up in the same direction and was gone in seconds. I almost felt as if it heard me and said ” hey watch this”! Wasn’t scared, just curious. As I went to get in my truck the other people were already in their car.I looked at the driver, and he smiled and shook his head as if, wasn’t that odd…….I have always wondered about that,and didn’t know of the Phoenix Lights as of yet. This was clear, blue sky, no clouds and in afternoon. I mentioned the sighting to my husband that night. We wrote it down and I just came across the paper in my desk drawer. Wonder if that other couple ever made a report? We seem to have a lot of activity in Arizona.. I keep watching the skies……..

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