Black Triangle Sighting in Grasonville, Maryland on August 25th 2014 – 3 red-orange orbs slowly moving in triangle formation

My girlfriend and I were leaving the neighborhood at approximately 2115 EST, when we both noticed 3 red lights in the sky. She immediately suggested they might be some type of aircraft. I informed her that I am pretty familiar with conventional aircraft, and this was indeed not a conventional craft. We were traveling on Chester river beach rd. We moved closer to the UFO, and noticed they were traveling extremely slowly in perfect triangle formation. They resembled reddish orange orbs of fire, almost like a flickering candle. We pulled almost directly underneath the object(s), rolled the windows down in the vehicle, and did not observe any noise whatsoever coming from the object(s). We observed them moving in a straight line path for maybe 45-60 seconds when all 3 orbs disappeared one at a time within about 3 seconds of each other. They appeared to be relatively close (maybe within a few hundred feet) but it was hard to ascertain exact size or distance from us due to the time of day.

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