Multiple Animal Mutilations! Eight Cows Dead in Walsenburg, Colorado.


13 miles northeast of Walsenburg between August 8th and August 17th, eight cattle deaths were reported to Huerfano County Sheriff’s department. 2 animal deaths were reported from one ranch, then 6 more were reported from another ranch 2.2 miles away. All eight animals mimicking standard animal mutilation characteristics.

Note: Some information for this report was pulled from the Huerfano World Journal article: Cattle Mutilations in Huerfano County, August 28th, written by reporter, David Perkins. The majority of information was gathered by me, investigating the sites, talking with local ranchers, their relatives, and also interviewing law enforcement personnel. Multiple attempts to contact reporter David Perkins through the Huerfano World Journal to validate claims in his article were unsuccessful. I had to validate his article’s claims by investigating and talking to the individuals myself.


The following information is from my investigative notes.

First Set of Mutilations
Ranch One: (Private Land) Friday, August 8th, two Black Angus Steers were found dead in the morning.

Undersheriff David McCain investigated these animals. He had investigated three other mutilated cows in October 1994 belonging to rancher Ermenio Andretta near La Veta, so he was familiar with this type of incident.

– Reed Ranch: 90,000 acres.
– Previous Mutilation: 1985 cow mutilated on leased land near Yellowstone Road, near La Veta. (Udder missing)

Investigation 09/04/2014: – Damage to both animals was the same:


Interview with rancher
– No signs of struggle.
– No signs of predator take-down evidence.
– No signs of predator tracks.
– No signs of massive amounts of blood loss.
– The rectum was cored out.
– The testicles were cut out in a perfect circle.
– The penis was cut out in a perfect circle.
– The tongues were cut out.
– Both animals were missing 1 inch by 6 inch flesh along the jaw-line.
– Animals appeared to have been placed at their current location.

My investigation:
– Both steers were 26 months old.
– Both carcasses were facing towards the West.
– Both animals were originally found lying on their left sides.
– Cow 1 and Cow 2 were 40 feet away from each other.
– Dew Claws were missing on front and back legs.
– Radiation check: Animal 1 (.00050 mR/hs )
– EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field check): Animal 1 (4-6 micro-teslas)
– Radiation check: Animal 2 (.00100 mR/hs )
– EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field check): Animal 1 (6-8 micro-teslas)
– Magnetic sweep Animal 1 and 2: No signs of metallic substance in or near body.
– No signs of ground impact or soil cratering.
– Both animals were free grazing.
– Both animals were in good health.
– Average age: 26 months each.
– Average weight: 1100 pounds each.
– Average worth: $2500 each.

Full Spectrum Camera Video Analysis:
– No apparent abnormalities.


Possible Ground Anomaly:

200 yards south-west of both carcasses an oval ground anomaly roughly 8 feet in diameter was noticed. The rancher didn’t see this before the animals were mutilated. Radiation and EMF checks yielded no results. Due to weathered contamination, soil samples were not taken. The rancher will keep an on it.


Second Set of Mutilations
Ranch Two: Reed Ranch ran by Robert Wolf


 Picture taken 3 days after four young Heifers were mutilated on the Reed ranch.


( Picture of one of the four Heifers, taken by; A. Sample Jr. )

1 Cow Death : Saturday, August 9th, Dennis Thompson neighbor to Robert Wolf informed Robert he had found a dead cow near the Thompson fence line. (Huerfano World Journal article.)

4 more Cow Deaths: Saturday, August 16th, Robert Wolf found four cows lying dead near each other by a fence line near a county road leading to his house.

– Robert called Huerfano Sheriff’s department, and Deputy Clint Boehler was dispatched to the scene. The Deputy classified the event as “Animal Cruelty”. Animal Cruelty is a misdemeanor charge but in multiple cases, it can be charged as a felony. (State of Colorado)

– Sunday, August 17th, veterinarian Terry Root from Fowler, examined the animals. Cuts were made around the jaw-line to examine the missing tongues, and it was determined they were cut out in a surgical fashion. Biological samples were taken for toxic analysis to try to determine death.

1 more Cow Death: Sunday, August 17th, while Robert Wolf was checking on the remaining animal’s midafternoon, he found another dead Heifer.

Sunday evening 8:30pm, August 17th, a 14 year-old girl spotted 12 to 15 unidentified objects in the sky towards the east and yelled for her parents. They all saw objects that appeared to be moving then hovering together. They were flashing red, blue and white lights and appeared to be circular-type saucer-shaped. The objects were moving toward the northeast and disappeared behind the clouds. (Huerfano World Journal article.)

Total of 6 cows were found dead on the land managed by Robert Wolf from Saturday, August 9th through Sunday August 17th.

Investigation 09/04/2014:


Information from eye-witness Rancher:
– Average weight, 700 lbs.
– Tongues missing with precise cuts.
– No signs of massive blood loss.
– No signs of struggle.
– No signs of predator tracks.
– No immediate coyote damage.

My Investigation:

– Cow 1 (1180 feet) from Cow2 (168 feet) from Cow 3 (111 feet) from Cow 4.
– Four 1.5 year old Heifers.
– Cow 1: Was moved from original location near Cow 2 for Vet convenience. The body was originally pointing towards the west and lying on its right side.
– Cow 2: Laying 10 feet away from a fence-line, the body was facing towards the west lying on its right side.
– Cow 3: Laying 6 feet away from a fence-line, the body was facing towards the northwest lying on its right side.
– Cow 4: Lying approximately 60 feet away from a fence-line. The hide had been pulled from the skeleton by scavengers, so original direction and placement was undetermined.
– Cow 5 and Cow 6: Due to time constraints and private land location with no permission to enter, they were not examined. Injuries undetermined.

All Four Animals yielded these same results:
– Radiation check: (.00050 mR/hs )
– EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field check): Animal 1 (4-6 micro-teslas)
– Magnetic sweep Animal 1 and 2: No signs of metallic substance in or near body.

Cow2 appeared to have had its Dewclaw removed.


A “dewclaw” is an unused digit on many mammals, birds, and reptiles. It generally grows high on the leg on hoofed animals. There’s no nutritional value for scavengers and is generally left to decompose. With some of my animal mutilation cases, the dewclaw has been removed. Unknown reason.


– Wednesday evening, August 20th, Robert Wolf saw a black helicopter with no markings flying over Cucharas Canyon slowly heading south. Military helicopters do fly from Fort Carson near Colorado Springs and the Pinon Canyon site, so fly overs are common but usually during the day time. (Huerfano World Journal article.)

– Thursday 12:30am, August 21st, Robert Wolf’s house was lit-up with bright lights. Running to the door, Robert saw four large helicopters hovering within 100 feet of his house. Flying side by side but slightly staggered, they were using powerful spot lights sweeping the ground as if looking for something. (Huerfano World Journal article.)

Interview with one of Robert Wolf’s neighbor: (Name on File.)

2nd Generation rancher, his family homestead the area in 1922. The neighbor was unable to see the mutilated animals due to poor health, but on August 21st, 12:20am, he also heard then saw, military helicopters hovering near the mute area, thus confirming Robert Wolf’s testimony to the Huerfano World Journal article. This witness was a former Naval Aviator.

Interview with Huerfano County sheriff’s deputy. (Name on file)

On a Friday March of 2014, the Huerfano County sheriff’s department dispatch was contacted by Denver FAA Air Traffic Control and was informed some commercial airlines were reporting being hit by a laser while flying 32,000 feet over Huerfano County. FAA also informed the sheriff’s department that pilots reported getting hit with a laser a week before. Coordinates were given to dispatch for investigation. Deputies were sent to the FAA coordinate location multiple times day and night, looking for the cause of the laser strikes. No evidence of an industrial laser was spotted, no evidence of any type of ground or air vehicle were seen. The coordinates given by the FAA Air Traffic Control was 1.5 miles away from the August mutilations. This is still an active investigation.

Note: One of the investigative deputies was prior DOD trained on laser technology which qualified him to handle this particular type of investigation. He knows what to look for.


– Rancher Robert Wolf was out-of-town and not available for interview.
– Undersheriff David McCain was on vacation and not available for interview.
– Release of Records Information was filed by me through the Huerfano County Sheriff’s department requesting additional information.
– Undetermined if Huerfano County Sheriff’s department has received results from veterinarian Terry Root’s toxic lab analysis.

This is still an on-going ACTIVE investigation.

(FYI) In case some of you are wondering, “Yes” these mutilations occurred on 37 degree latitude, “The Paranormal Highway”.

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