UFO Sighting in Munhall, Pennsylvania on September 3rd 2014 – hovering lights in the sky

The first time me and my girlfriend viewed the object was at night on august 31 about 11:00 pm. we took the dog out to the back yard. my girlfriend asked if that was a satellite or a bright star in the sky. i pulled my phone out and opened my star app and held it up toward where the light was and nothing showed. also i did not have my contacts in and i was able to see the lights coming from the object. we came back into the house, i went and put my contacts back in and we then observed the object for over 2 hours from our kitchen window. it hovered and the lights changed color. after 2 hours of watching the object our eyes started to hurt so we went to bed.
we have been seeing these lights/object every night since and on september 3rd, i was at my mothers house and my girlfriend was at her house. she texted me saying the object was back. i immediately ran out of my moms house which is about 15 miles away, I looked up into the sky in the direction that would be toward her area and i saw the lights as well. we both observed the object from two different places at the same time. this was about 10:30 pm about 20 minutes into observing the object we both from our different locations noticed that it looked to have ejected “glitter” from the bottom of the lights. I went back into my mom’s house and grabbed a digital camera and i took 20 pictures over the course of the next 30 minutes watching the object.
we still continue to this day to see the lights in the sky. I used google maps to look to see if there were any military bases or anything industrial in the area, but found nothing in that direction. i did notice that the object seems to hovering over a county park though, north park.

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