UFO Sighting in Surf City, New Jersey on August 28th 2014 – Strange large white light surrounded by a swirl like of colors then seemed to hide itself behind a cloud at 2 different locations

We were on vacation on Long Beach Island, NJ on August 28, 2014 around 4:30am my dog woke me and was getting sick so i took him outside. The sky is usually extremely clear and you can easily see most constellations – and this night was not any different – so while my poor dog was walking around puking i sat on the deck staring at the sky – I went inside for a drink and when i came back out i noticed a very large white moon-like light which was surrounded by a swirl of colors (blues green and purple) and it set just to the right of the little dipper – while i stood there staring at it it seemed as if a cloud was forming in front of it (as to hide it) i went inside to get my husband who choose not to get up – so i grabbed my daughters ipad and ran back outside to try to photograph it so i could prove i wasnt crazy – when i came back out it had re-appeared lower in the sky – unfortunately i know nothing of using my daughters i pad and somehow took a photo of the porch behind me – in the meantime the second showing was forming a cloud in front of it as well – then it was gone – my dog was still sick – my husband wouldnt get up – and i suck with electronic but i am not crazy – i know what i saw – i am not saying it was a ufo i have never seen anything like that before and was wondering if anyone else saw it and was lucky enough to find a similar story on your website so i thought i would share mine as well

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