UFO Sighting in East Hartford, Connecticut on September 6th 2014 – observered slowly moving south to south east very high noisless 1st seen bottom on then as it turned east from side

My wife and I where exiting our car in our driveway when I noticed in my peripheral vision 2 black objects very high in the sky at about 5 o’clock high traveling what appeared to be slow at first but at that distance speed was hard to determine. At first I thought they were eagles, but eagles here tend to circle one another when traveling, these were in line but separated one slightly higher and to what appeared more easterly than the other. It appeared they went into a right banking maneuver turning more easterly and climbing that is when I observed them from a bottom on position. The shapes appeared diamond like with 4 distinct corners. They came out of the bank and I was able to see edge on but at a greater distance now. They appeared to have some bulk to their shape at that time. They eventually climbed out at approximately a 1 o’clock position and we lost sight of them. Just to the north and east of our location a storm edge was forming. These objects appeared to be maneuvering away the leading edge of the storm. The duration of this sighting was approximately 15 min just at dusk with grey skies. I was excited to see this. I was formerly in the Air Force and trained to ID aircraft shapes. These were of no known aircraft that I have ever seen.
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