UFO Sighting in Illinois on September 6th 2014 – shimmering objects moved slowly across the sky

today at 1:08 pm I saw the first ufo. I was looking in the north and saw a small point of light appear and begin to move south, it had a reddish tint at first until it got closer to the middle of the sky. it flashed randomly as if reflecting the sun, there was a short white line that came out and moved in and out around the object. I watched it as it got more distant and faint, eventually I stopped watching it. I saw two more which were similar, except one of them seemed higher so I didn’t see the line coming out of it. then I saw a fourth one, by this time I had gotten my telescope. its not a very good one but I was able to see the shape of the object very well. at first it looked like a crecent, but then I realized the crescent shape was wings and there was a small dot on the bottom that resembled a tail, there was no head but there was an outline of what looked like a body. the object didn’t move like a bird, it wasn’t going in the right direction for the position of the wings, it was traveling very slowly across the sky and it was spiraling slowly, but its wings didn’t flap at all, it was spiraling like a leaf in the wind or like a plane spinning on its side. it neither looked like a plane or a bird though as it was so high up I needed a telescope to see it properly. all the sightings took place between 1:08 pm and roughly 1:30 pm. if someone gets back to be via email I will send a drawing outline of what I saw. I haven’t had time to scan a drawing yet because I really wanted to report it first but if someone can reply to be about this I can send a picture. I tried taking a picture of it with my camera but it didn’t come out.

I also recorded the event with a voice recorder but that isn’t any different from what I have written here.

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