UFO Sighting in New Hyde Park, New York on September 5th 2014 – cigar shaped craft, in a striaght line like direction.

Hi All, Yesterday at around 1840 I observed a cigar like craft traveling about 500 ft above the hospital I work at. It appeared to be the size of a commerical airplane possibly a bit larger, however the video I have is very breif and requires frame by frame viewing on a computer, but the object is detiled and clear using these methods. After viewing the video I “think” that when viewing frame by frame you can see other circlular grey in color shapes moving about. The video is breif due to the fact that I was driving at the time. I have more footage of different shaped craft as well but this is the first time ever speaking publicly about these sightings, I would just like to get more information as to what is going on in our skies. I would appreciate any thoughts into what I have sent. Thank you for your time in advance.

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