UFO Landing in Oak Lawn, Illinois on June 10th 2002 – At 2 am noticed craft in my yard approximately 10 feet In diameter. Had contact with aliens in my house

I awoke at 2 am because I may have seen a brief flash of light in my room. I got up and looked out my window and observed a craft on the ground that looked like a lead demeanor and it was approximately 10 ft in diameter with a small bubble on top. I thought I was dreaming and went back to bed. I could sense I was not alone in my room and awoke to three approximately three 4 ft beings grey in color. I was petrified however I was told I would be fine and we won’t hurt you and then felt calm and I believe they had oral and vaginal sex with me and it was fabulous. And very shortlived. I was exhausted at work the next day and my body felt as if I had an entire not of sex. It seemed about three to four months later after original experience I was revisited. Without any physical trauma they removed a child from my stomach and said she would be their queen and they were escstatic. They assured me she would be well taken care of and I would see her again some day. I never intended to speak of this however my boyfriend spoke of seeing an object In the sky and I told him of this event and he insisted I share this. However I work for a prominent individual and I’m afraid I could lose my job but I assure you all that I have told you is the absolute truth.

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