UFO Sighting in California on September 4th 2014 – UFOs Over Orange County

Since 1986 I have became aware of unusual lights that appeared every night at dusk until around 9:30 PM in my area, and other parts of Orange County.

In around 1995 an investigation of these lights were done my MUFON of Orange County and me for 2 nights. The objects observed went into MUFON’s records as ‘unknown’ that years later Jan Harzan (now director of MUFON) told me ‘unknown’ means UFO.

It is now 2014, and I still see those lights with eyewitnesses.

They are the size of an aspirin, and blink and flash. Years ago they appeared in all directions coming in at 2 at a time about every 20 seconds. Recently I observed them for around 40 minutes, so I do not know, at this time, how long they appear. One’s sighted time is usually around one minute. They appear and disappear seemingly from nowhere. Sometimes one or two nearby each other take on the size of a basketball. They are reddish, and appear less than a hundred feet high. For the past couple of years, at least, I seen them only in one area over a main street.

Observing the lights from IHOP restaurant I was sitting on a planter with a 2 foot square window behind me. As I was observing one or two of the lights I started hearing loud knocking on the window 2 feet away from me. I assumed it was one of my friends who worked there, so I put up my hand and wiggled my fingers. But when the knocking kept up I turned around, and saw nobody there. As I was looking at the window the knocking continued. And it continued for about a full minute after I looked straight back at the lights. The knocking on the window sounded like it was coming from the inside of the restaurant.

Over the years I have been trying to figure out what those lights were, as I photographed and filmed them. Now I presume they are nuclear powered propulsion systems that accompany invisible spacecraft with invisible occupants. Thank you.

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