UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on October 10th 1976 – light no sound

on approx date above i worked until midnight in tucson was at 12th and valencia driving north on 12th at 1 am 1/4mi n of valencia. as i was driving it was quiet only one 1 other car passed opposite direction still driving all of a sudden a bright almost blinding light was over my car and it followed my car i had window down no radio on there was not a sound and being from military family i am very aware of things and even to this day my last physical my hearing disbelieves physicians. so as i moved along approx 35mph it kept following the erie thing was no sound and anyone knows a helicopter even mile way can hear blades. so i paniced and pulled into a a&w pulled under canopy they were closed pitch black not even a dog barking. i sat few minutes i thought i cop helicopter then they would be checking why i am sitting under cover but nothing bright light stayed staionary for 2-3 minutes then as fast as it appeared went off i waited less than a minute slowly backed out with lights off looked up saw nothing but stars no shape off anything. freaked out i drove home. next morning i called tucson international airport no reports but there had been 2 other enquiries. i had told my mom next morning she never disbelieved me as she totally believes we are being visited. my dad being military man air force 33 years everyone knows pilots see unexplained things. i told many peolple my experience over the years and finally looked up mufon and decided to comment. to this day when ithink off the episode my hair on head and arms STILL stand on end. the other night had been thinking about it upset me i had tears with hair standing.

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