UFO Sighting in Salinas, Canelones on January 1st 1990 – Line of 5 red orbs hovering near the river. Orbs were silent even at movement.

On New Year’s Day 1990 at around 2:00 AM, my husband and I were driving back home on Carretera #1 in Salinas. Immediately after going over the river bridge, we observed a line of 5 red translucent orbs that appeared to be floating in the air.

My husband stopped the car abruptly, we got out of the car to observe the orbs. For a moment we thought that the orbs were some kind of military drill from Campamento Santiago (army base), but quickly realized it was not something ordinary, as the orbs were completely silent while hovering.

We continued to observe the orbs for about a minute or so, then the orbs turned north west (single file) and ascended in an incredible speed towards the sky, took 5 to 10 seconds until we could no longer see them in the sky with naked eyes; all while not making any kind of sound.

The experience left us confused, almost in a shock state. Have never seen anything like it before or since.

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