UFO Sighting in Hewlett, New York on September 7th 2014 – having dinner at Restaurant on Hudson River, noticed three objects in sky glowing orange heading south and turning west


My girlfriend and I were having dinner outside at a restaurant on the Hudson River in Piermont NY.My girlfriend noticed objects behind me and we observed three glowing objects in sky traveling slowly from North to South hugging the Hudson River shore line.Objects appeared to be traveling in formation.All objects had tremendous orange glow to them.At first we thought they might be balloons because of the glow that made the objects look a bit tall. As they approached closer to us we noticed other patrons including couple next to me taking video or pictures.We also realized they were not balloons. I snapped a picture as object were above us and slightly inland. At this point all three objects began to head west in a similar pattern as before, however one object on the right sped up at an incredible speed and left the other two behind. All three objects eventually disappeared out of range in a westerly direction with the faster object leaving our range of sight first.
We were absolutely amazed by what we saw. it was very clear early on we were seeing real UFO’s. Hope this aids all who have witnessed similar and are investigating.


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