Alien Encounter in Kernersville, North Carolina on June 10th 1979 – This is a question I have no one else to ask.

Have you ever had anyone report paranormal experiences? Or uncommon occurrences that may/may not have been UFO related? My mother and I along with my older sister and little brother were on our way to the store, we pulled onto the hardtop road and a rain cloud from out of nowhere started to hover over our little VW beetle. It really bothered me. It started to rain only on our car! I could clearly see that rain was NOT falling any where else. It actually followed our car down the road for approximately 2 miles. when we rounded a curve it did too, when we sped up it did to, when we slowed down it did too. Finally we go to the end of the road and made a right and the cloud and rain vanished. I found it very odd that not one other car was on the road with us that entire time. It’s a small town but not that small, and it was in the middle of the day. What bothered me too, is that as soon as we turned right and the rain cloud vanished it was if nothing had taken place.

I asked my mama for an explanation as to what had just happened to us, and she acted as if it were a normal occurrence. When I disagreed and said that it was not normal she just stopped talking all together and would not respond to my questions she just stared straight ahead, so did my sister and little brother… they were like in a daze or something, Now I’m really freakin out. Once we got to the store they got out of the car and acted as if nothing had happened.

I’ve thought about this a lot and I don’t have any answers as to what happened that day. Nor have I found any other accounts of something similar happening to someone else, so I thought I would ask you, Is this a normal experience? Does this happen ever so often to a lot of people?

Please e-mail me back with a reply, as this is very important to me. Thank you in advance for your attention.


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