UFO Sighting in Howell, Michigan on September 5th 2014 – Flew over my house, paused, the started in my direction.

On September 5th, I was on my deck in the back yard stargazing. There were very few clouds with not much movement. All of a sudden I see a large cloud that was moving at a steady slow pace. As i was looking at this cloud I realized that it was more of a mist. At the tail end of this object i could see small geometric shapes. At this point there was no sound or light coming from this object. Moments after i saw the geometric shapes in the object it stopped moving, A buzzing noise started, and it began to move in my direction. I hurried inside and sat in my room. Maybe 10 minutes after i had gotten inside i heard my mother coughing violently, and my dog yelp. I hurried downstairs to wake my mother from a dead sleep… After asking if she was okay, she told me she wasn’t coughing and did not hear the dog yelp at the foot of her bed. As i was walking back upstairs i heard one solid tap on my front door. At this time i was sitting in my room. The blinds in my room were up, and my right ear began to hurt a lot (a horrible throbbing pain). as i turn to look out my window i watch an object move very quickly out of sight (my room is on the second floor). Also my ear stopped hurting at this point. I decided to call a friend and explain what was happening. Obviously he didn’t believe me and wanted photo evidence. So I sat back down and waited for anything strange to happen. As my ear started to hurt yet again i quickly got up a took a picture. After I took the picture i tried to send it to my friend, but for some reason my cell phone stopped working along with my wifi. After around 30 minutes all went back to normal… Until last night when they came back.

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