UFO Sighting in Stoke-on-Trent, on August 19th 2014 – walking the dog usual time.could see orange orb between the houses

walking the dog as usual every night about the same time every night.walking up.my road and noticed a great orange orb of light between the houses.as l came to the top of my hill.the orb had turned and gone in a northerly direction so l just got the rear of it .it was it turned out the same as the front of it.so l stood around with my dog for about 5 minutes.and to my surprise it came back in exactly the same place.so l watched it again. turn and head due north from the east.as soon as it went out of site l turned and started to walk home.so your talking a couple of minutes.l turned back and it was there again.this happened 3 times.on the fourth time l was nearly home and it was there again.so over a period of 20 minutes it appeared 4 times.taking the same path each time . there was no noise at all it was a clear night.there was plenty of planes in the night sky flashing lights and noise spot them a mile away or more…but this orb never seen anything like it.before or unfortunately since.when l was nearly home l said to the lad from nexst door who was out walking his dog too. l looked back up the hill and it was there again. can you see that orange light took him a second to focus on it .then he said yes his dad who was with him said thats a plane .l said its not. theres no noise.there was planes all over the sky you could see them and hear them and they don’t fly that low.or slow ….

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