"Flatwoods Monster" Movie?

Caricature by Dennis Rano 

“Flatwoods Monster” Movie? 
62 Year Anniversary of the “Flatwoods Monster” Incident
by Alfred Lehmberg 

Author Frank Feschino, Jr. has worked continuously for more than two decades on various aspects of his ongoing and seemingly bottomless “Flatwoods Monster” research project. For ten of those years he’s traveled the length and breadth of the whole nation presenting lectures on and exhibits regarding that research.  In the past three years—and recovering splendidly from the publisher botched first edition in 2004—he’s released two revised “Braxton County Monster” books, appeared on numerous radio shows/live pod-casts, completed countless newspaper interviews, was feted at many book signings or meets and greets, and then put together a compelling film documentary which can be viewed free of charge on YouTube.com titled The Braxton County Monster/Flatwoods Monster: book by Feschino… très bien, eh?

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