UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 30th 2006 – Breezy December night. I observed clouds tumbling and rolling, then clouds seperated and objected large amber orange object appeared 3 times size of the moon. I could see the moon to left of object in sky.

December, 2006 3:30AM I woke up and was sleepless so I went outside to my deck to smoke cigarette. Wind was blowing and it was very foggy. I looked up and saw to my left in northern direction the clouds were rolling and tumbling in fashion I had never seen before at the 1:00 angle. I thought this looks like the movies on Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. Almost instantly the clouds separated and a large amber orange colored object appeared, not sun, could see moon to the side. Object not blinding. I watched for at least 25 minutes or more as object moved to right slowly separating the clouds as it moved. I even heard someone yell “Tell it to come to you!” As I said before it was a foggy night. At the 5:00 angle it dropped out of view. I immediately went inside and wrote down what I saw.
The next day I called Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center. He asked me then to do a report.
M. Melton asked me to do this report.
Submitted by Tom K.

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