UFO Sighting in Mountain View, California on July 17th 1998 – 3 white star-like rotating, exchanging position counter clockwise flying straight normal speed

It was around 6:00 – 6:30am, 1998, Angeles City, Philippines. I was still in highschool, waiting outside our doorstep for my ride to school.

Sky is SUPER CLEAR BLUE without any clouds then I saw this 3 star-like white dots flying across. Speed is normal, commercial airliner speed. These 3 star-like white dots in a triangle form are rotating, exchanging positions (imagine a triangle rotating).

They just passed by at normal commercial airliner speed, no sudden movement, no change in speed. Just cruising in straight line.

There also no obvious visible connecting material between the 3 star-like white dots to hold them together.

From there on, I haven’t seen them again.

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