UFO Sighting in Wood Street Village, on August 15th 1990 – ufo (totally silent) hovered in front of me, bright white oval light, swaying as if on pendulum, 50-100 ft above me, communicated with telepathy, lost sight, then it had moved 2-3 miles

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I can’t remember too well the exact time of the event, I’m 39 now, but it happened when I was in my mid-teens, probably about 15, on Broad Street, Surrey, between the roundabout where the aldershot road and Rydes hill road meet, and Wood Street Village.

I was cycling to my morning paper round, early on, it was still dark. About 5-5:30 am would be about the time.

I noticed as I got onto the straight stretch of Broad Street, that there was an oval, bright white light, about 40ft wide by 10-15ft high ahead and above me. It was swinging from side to side, as if on a pendulum, and totally silent. I immediately thought UFO! Cool!

As I continued cycling (all the houses along the street had their lights out, so I guess everyone was asleep – most people were at that time of morning) The UFO? began to communicate with me, telepathically… the thing is, the communication did not have ANY emotion, no positivity, no negativity, no urgency, no disdain, no happiness, no sadness, nothing like that at all, it was perfectly neutral, I’d never had anything like this before (and never experienced telepathy before) I tried projecting back communication with my mind, and we had a conversation. Unfortunately I cannot remember the conversation (I’d really like to, trust me!) this lasted about 5 minutes, until I got near to the base of the hill climbing to Wood Street Village itself… I had the suspicion that I had been found by aliens, as I was ahead of everyone else at school, and picked up on anything I was taught very readily, maybe that’s just big headed, but I was regarded as a child genius.

Then the UFO asked me if I’d like to come onboard (again with telepathy) I’d been having a calm conversation with it, as it kept pace with me, moving along at my speed, ahead and above of me, swinging from left to right, on an invisible pendulum, silently for about 5 minutes. My initial reacion was “yes yes of course!” and I got the sense I would get a free ride and see things I’d never seen before! but then i panicked! – I might never see my Mum and Dad, my sister, my cat, my friends, planet Earth, anything I knew, ever again, so I screamed back telepathically – “no no no ! wait, let me think, no ! wait, i don’t know!” or something along those lines!

It was at this point that I lost track of the UFO as I entered the trees and had to climb to the top of the hill. About a minute later (I was a very fit cyclist in my youth, not anymore!) I got to the top of the hill. I looked South, towards Normandy way. I saw the UFO, bright as anything in the still black early morning sky, and it had moved a good 2-3 miles, totally silently. It was now stationary a few miles away, still lowish to the ground.

I told my Dad, a retired aeronautical engineer about my siting, and he said it was not a UFO, it was just a helicopter, and I only thought it was so low, because of the effect of parallax error. But I don’t believe this, nothing man made could travel 3 miles silently in a minute.

This is verbatim, to the best of my memory, and I will swear on my life that it actually happened.

Whether or not it was aliens, I have no clue. I’d like to think it was though.

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