UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 11th 2014 – oval light hovering in air as observed while driving .. it was due south of the intersection of patrick and eastern.. object was obscued by block wall for 1 or 2 minuitsoculd not find it afterwards

object appeared quite large in sky ( 20 – 30 ft? ).. it was red with yellow light around the bottom I was driving east on Patrick lane toward the intersection of eastern.. at this point I was looking across McCarran’s east west runway.. object appeared to be somewhere between 4 to 8 miles off .. but still had distinct form .. as I proceeded down Patrick to the intersection my view was obscured by a block wall.. as I entered the intersection I looked south and could not find the object.. I work in tv news and am used to spotting objects in the field and Identifying them. I still do not know quite what this could have been … 2 days later I fielded a call from a viewer who saw the same thing I did at almost the same time.. he was about 1/4 of the way across the valley ( 5 Mi.). he described the object and location as I remembered it.

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