UFO Sighting in New York, New York on September 11th 2014 – 3 glowing orbs circled and spiraled over the Rensaleer Amtrak train station.

3 brightly glowing orbs in a spiraling and circular path appeared and also seemed to wink in and out of sight. Speeds and angles not possible for a regular aircraft or balloon. They also darted upwards a high velocity and a steep angle and seemed to be searching over an area near the Rensaleer Amtrack train station. I have a clear view from my office window. I called 2 of my colleagues into my office and they also saw the objects. I fist saw the objects when I looked out my window as I was about to leave for the day. It was very exciting! The objects just winked out and disappeared, but they were obviously guided by something intelligent. Difficult to judge size of the objects from the distance, but I believe they were about 6 feet in diameter.

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