UFO Sighting in Hayward, California on August 1st 1950 – Circular gas flame colors

In the 1950’s, I was young teenager. I’m now in my 70’s and wish to report this while I’m still around.

It was a warm summer night and my mother allowed me and my twin brother to “sleep out” in the back yard. There were no clouds, no smog (location east of Los Angeles), stars were visible, no moon. Was laying in sleeping bag with feet pointed about due north. My brother was a few feet away to my left in the same orientation.

Saw a circular light fly overhead, silently, in a straight line, directly overhead approximately aligned with my body. It crossed 90 degrees of sky and vanished over the northern horizon in 5 or 6 seconds, at a constant speed. There was a tree line to the north, perhaps 8 or 10 degrees into the sky. In other words, I assume the object came over the horizon to the south (behind my head), but I couldn’t see it until it came into my field of view as I looked straight up from my prone position.

My brother also saw this. When I mentioned it to him this year and asked if he remembered it, he remembered two objects instead of one, with the same colors and behavior. I don’t remember that we discussed it at all at the time of the siting – perhaps I thought he was asleep.

The appearance was of two colors, an inside circle with the color of the darker part of a natural gas burner flame blue (e.g. a kitchen range). The outside circle has a lighter color like the lighter blue of a natural gas burner flame. I also thought of the two colors as similar to the blue colors of the tips of some kitchen matches. The line between the inner and outer colors was blurred and (if memory serves) the outer circle was about 60% of the object and the inner circle about 40%. There was no distinct trail, but there was a tiny fuzzy “tail” on the outer edge opposite the direction of flight – maybe 5% to 15% of the size of the object.

The overall impression was a glowing ball of gas, yet flat or 2 dimensional and only as viewed from the bottom, with the object perfectly level. In other words, no height dimension visible.

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