UFO Sighting in Long Island City, New York on September 14th 2014 – Reflective orbs floating over Queens

I was walking home to my apartment. I noticed 3 bright reflective objects in the sky of various sizes (or distances). I then noticed 5 more very small objects between them that were also bright and reflective. I was looking north at that time. All were spherical. They looked very much like stars but it was broad daylight.

At first I thought it was a group of parachutists but they were not falling. They maintained altitude and appeared to be drifting in the wind like balloons to the southeast. My second thought was that they were balloons but they were were much too high for hot air balloons and were all a consistent color which would be unusual for a hot air balloon festival.

I took several pictures but only the 3 largest objects appeared in the picture. While watching them the objects appeared to maintain the same formation, however, after looking at the pictures I can see that the formation did change slightly.

While watching I also saw a small red object cross in the middle of all the objects on a west to east path. It was about the same size as the smallest reflective objects. It also appeared to be spherical but it was very small so it’s hard to say.

I watched them for about 10 minutes until my view was lost as they went behind a building. I didn’t follow them further because I thought they were probably balloons. However, I can’t imagine why so many balloons would be all together like that.

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