UFO Sighting in Stockton, California on September 14th 2014 – White/transparent/metallic orb high in the sky, traveling quickly north-south. Day time, clear skies.

Was out in the yard with the dogs when I heard a small plane low overhead so looked up, saw a single engine plane traveling east-west at approx. 500 feet. Directly overhead and much higher than the plane (but not as high as the regular jet route above) saw a white orb-like object going north-south very quickly. As it moved it looked alternately white and transparent, with an occasional metallic glint. Thought at first it must be a party balloon but realized it was going way too fast and there was zero wind at the time. Our prevailing winds here are generally westerly, rarely northerly as they would have to have been to blow a balloon in that direction. Didn’t look balloon-like in that sense that it didn’t appear to be buffeted by the wind at all – seemed solid and stayed on course. Disappeared behind my house in less than a minute (approx. 50 deg. of sky) and I could no longer see it after running through my house and into the front yard – at that point it would have been heading directly into the glare of the mid-day sun. It left all my hair standing on end.

I can’t guess at it’s size – was about the size of my pinky fingernail at arm’s length.
Can’t guess at its speed except to note that it went across the sky a lot faster than the ISS does when it makes a visible pass overhead.
Height – I would guess at least twice as high as the small plane that appeared before it, which was probably as low as is legal here (500 feet?)
Weather – 80 deg. F, clear skies, no wind, no clouds.

If it was a balloon, I feel silly reporting it – however, I want to report it for the record anyway. It had a definite “weirdness factor” to it in that it was going so fast, didn’t act like a balloon and made my hair stand on end.

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