UFO Sighting in Westminster, California on December 27th 2013 – Starlike object not moving, suddenly speed away, disappear, reappear, speed back to original position, followed by 12 saucer shaped objects light up one by one.l

At the time of these sightings, I lived in Westminster, just north of Huntington Beach and east of the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. At about 1:00 AM on 12/27/13, from my backyard, I was observing a star-like light, in the southwestern sky, through my 50x binoculars. I moved to my front yard for a better look. The light did not move, but flashed multiple colors, much like some stars do, but something kept me fixed on it, not convinced it was a star. I video recorded with my camcorder for awhile, then went back to my binoculars. Suddenly I observed it move a short distance north, then stop, then with lightning speed it flew west, leaving a blue flame-like trail, and disappeared. Within seconds, it reappeared, flew back to where it had moved to, then back to it’s original position. I decided to take a still picture of it with my camcorder to see if I could get more detail. I focused and zoomed in on it. As soon as I did, I saw an orange saucer appear to the left of the star-like light, immediately followed by a blue saucer, then a pink-red saucer. Different colored saucers lit up one by one to the left and about 3 to the right of the white light until there were about 12 total. I just stood watching – completely dumbstruck by what was happening. Then the saucers on the right started to turn off their light one by one. I had presence of mind to snap a picture before they all disappeared. These saucers were not in any formation, but scattered at different heights, but all were level. By the time I took the picture, they were tilted, as if they had moved. I ran to tell my husband and by the time I got back outside, they were no longer visible. I was really un-nerved by this. I am an avid sky watcher – every night, but I was so un-nerved by this event, it took me almost 3 weeks before I would look at the night sky. When I finally got up the nerve to do so, I went to the same spot I saw the star-like light on the 27th. There it was again, so I again decided to take a picture. This time, 5 or 6 saucers lit up one by one, but this time they were in a straight line. I tried snapping pics, but my hands shook too much to capture a good pic. Once again they turned off their lights one by one. The only good picture I have is the one from the 27th. Both times, I had the feeling that these saucers had been hovering for some time, before revealing themselves. I also think that they may have been observing the Naval Weapons Station. I reported the sighting on the 27th to another UFO site soon after it happened, but finally I decided I should report both my sightings to MUFON.

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