UFO Sighting in Goshen, New York on September 15th 2014 – Stationary 4 long time, got briter and started blinking,drifed left, random movements,mimicked plane overhead, disappered

On 15/sept/2014 my girlfriend noticed an object”light” in the sky. Light stayed stationary for aprox 30 to 45 min and then observed a separate aircraft (plane) overhead.Object became extremely bright,then dimmed and observed a shape of an inverted wye, became bright again and moved on the horizontal to the left and started blinking simultaneously with the (plane) aircraft. Lost view of (plane) aircraft and object seemed to wonder in a circular motion and continue blinking. Object then traveled to the right and disappeared. Witness made mention of noticing noise from overhead aircraft as a plane but cannot say any noise came from observed light /object. Witness states that object seemed to follow or travel parallel with the plane until witness lost sight of plane.

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