UFO Sighting in Lochbuie, Colorado on September 15th 2014 – Glowing sphere

As I was cooking on my grill I looked up to the sky and saw a brilliant point of light that looked as bright as Venus,but as it was straight up I knew it was not a planet.My 1st thought was perhaps a supernova as this was still in the daylight and in the direction of where the big dipper would be at that time. I checked the time at 7:05pm and then got my 7×50 binoculars but I could not hold them steady as the object was almost straight up.So then I went in and got my 11×80 binoculars and a tripod to hold them steady. It was a large clear sphere brilliantly illuminated but with a dark strip through the center that had a bend to it.I watched the object until 7:25pm when it started to fade and change color now to a burnt orange.I then ran in to get my laser pointer but when I came back out it had vanished!

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