Black Triangle Sighting in Sauk Village, Illinois on September 17th 2014 – Approximately 1AM. was standing outside seen a hovering bright light, the more I observed the more it took shape, and illuminated, 40+ pictures.

I was sitting in my room approximately 1 AM, decided I was going to go outside with my camera phone and take pictures of the sky, I seen a bright light hovering/moving around a little bit. First thought immediately was a starcraft, UFO, something I’ve never seen in my life. The more I watched the more it took shape, brightened, and came closer, looked like it was hovering over houses in Sauk Village,Illinois, rectangle, triangle, millenium falcon/star wars, bird of prey/star trek, from the bottom lights of the craft, I could see a neck and head of the aircraft. The UFO was stationary pretty much the whole time after I fixated on it, but in the beginning the bright light caught my attention and moved a little bit, but was completely stationary afterwards the whole time. I knew it was something different, other worldly, that was in the sky, I was hysterical, and freaked out, I was worn out from watching it, went to bed, just laying there couldn’t go to sleep, I got back up opened my door it was still there, closed the door and fell asleep. Looked at the photos later, on computer, and seen more details, and was even more hysterical!! I have over 40 pictures some are great quality, the quality is not coming out as good when I upload the pictures, they are clear on this computer though, you can see everything, kind of scary, we are seeing more here than uploading.

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