Mothman Museum, Point Pleasant’s Number-One Tourist Attraction

Replica of Mothman at Mothman Museum

Mothman Museum lays out evidence for believers and skeptics

By Zack Harold

     POINT PLEASANT — Museums are usually reserved for proof.

Their exhibits — whether it’s a taxidermied specimen of some long-extinct animal, a collection of dinosaur bones, a historic document or some famous work of art — are meant to prove the existence of something and preserve those artifacts for future inspection.

Not so with the Mothman Museum, Point Pleasant’s number-one tourist attraction.

There is no Mothman specimen. There’s not even a clear photo of the creature, or any other definitive proof of its existence.

Like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman is a mythic creature that some people adamantly believe is real, even though the larger scientific community does not.

However, the museum does feature several different kinds of “evidence,” such as it is, laid out for visitors to form their own opinions. . . .

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