Update on Multiple Cow Mutilations in Walsenburg, Colorado.

Walsenbur_county(From September 5th blog)
13 miles northeast of Walsenburg between August 8th and August 17th, 2014, eight cattle deaths were reported to Huerfano County Sheriff’s department. Two animal deaths were reported from one ranch, then six more were reported from another ranch 2.2 miles away. All eight animals mimicking standard animal mutilation characteristics.

Segments from the Huerfano County Sheriff’s department case report I acquired after release of my September 5th blog:

At approximately 1620 MDT, I Deputy (name on file) was dispatched to meet with (name on file) at (location on file) Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado, regarding four head of cattle valued at $6,800 that he (the rancher) felt were killed within the previous 24 hours.  (End 1st. segment of case report.)

Next to the roadway near a drain culvert he (the rancher) pointed out a black Angus type heifer that was dead and in first stages of decomposition and bloated. Examination of the heifer failed to show an apparent cause of death and due to surgical type mutilation of the carcass, lightning was also ruled out. (End 2nd. segment of case report.)

I don’t make it a practice to display law enforcement case reports on this website. The case reports I acquire are strictly used for my investigations and not to exploit any law enforcement individual or his or her agency. I thought this time, I would share a couple of small segments from a case report I received to show how serious this Sheriff’s Department is pertaining to strange and unusual animal deaths. We should all thank them for that, and not for sweeping events like these under the rug like so many other departments do.

Thank you Huerfano County Sheriff’s Department!

The case report also mentioned other law enforcement officers who remembered other identical mutilation cases outside of Huerfano County in the past. All the cases had identical circumstances and commonalities such as:

– Cause of death was undetermined.
– Reproductive organs had been removed with little or no blood.
– The tongues had been cut out deep within the jaw.
– In some cases, the eyes were removed.
– In all cases, no tracks or evidence was found in the vicinity of the carcass even if the ground was soft or mucky.

In a second Supplemental Information sheet which is attached to the case report this is mentioned, “Denver’s FAA Air Traffic Control department contacted the Sheriff’s department about reports that some air carrier aircraft had been hit with a powerful laser while flying at 32,000 feet over Huerfano County”.  I also mentioned this in my first blog which was based on witness testimony, but it’s nice to see it on an official law enforcement case report which obviously validates the event.

Through much research and trial and error attempts, I was able to contact the Denver Center ATC (Air Traffic Control) division which is just outside of Denver. I was unable to locate and speak with someone who had knowledge of the March 2014 laser event. There’s no conspiracy associated with this, there’s so many cases the Center has to deal with, and so many different individuals who work there, finding the one person who called the Sheriff’s department back in March, would be difficult to locate. Also due to Homeland Security policies, they would not tell just anyone over the phone about events which were logged in the past. I could request a copy of the report, but within a couple of weeks of any event the Denver Center deals with, the report is transferred directly to the FAA Office in Washington DC. This is where I would need to request documentation on any event. Since this particular event is mentioned on a law enforcement case report, that’s good enough for me. Besides; If the FAA in Washington thought the laser strike event could be a threat to National Security, then it would have been transferred to the FBI making it active and totally out of reach for request. But…. I did learn some interesting things from the Denver Center ATC division.

I learned a jet flying at 32,000 feet has an average speed of 380 to 450 mph. If it was a specially designed turbo prop plane that could fly at 32,000 feet, then its airspeed would be about 120mph less.

I learned that it would be next to impossible to point a laser beam directly at an airplane travelling at that speed and that altitude. Most likely what the pilots saw was a flash of light. They would also be able to pin-point the flash location by using their in-flight guidance system by determining the angle of incident.

Here is my thought:

– As mentioned in my earlier blog, a 14 year old girl spotted 12 to 15 unidentified objects in the sky near the location of the mutilation incidents 8:30pm on Sunday evening August 17th. They were flashing different color lights and eventually disappeared behind low cloud cover.
– For years, strange lights and flashes have been seen around the Trinidad and Walsenburg area reported by eye witnesses.
– I investigated a report last year from Trinidad, where the eye witness was chased by strange lights while driving his car.
– I’m working another case in which strange lights were seen just outside a family’s home, near Trinidad.

I think the pilots were not hit with a laser, but saw the same type of lights residents in the area have seen for years. Possibly the lights were travelling erratically upwards towards the planes in a direct-line-of-sight path which appeared to resemble laser flashes. This would be the pilots first logical thought before thinking it be a possible UFO event. If the pilots saw no movement just the flashes of light, then this would make perfect sense.

One can’t rule out a very high-tech computer guided laser system which was operational in the area at the time the pilots were hit. One assumption could be the users were experimenting program scenarios or calibrating object speed to altitude measurements. I find this highly unlikely because:

1. If our military was running experiments in that area, they would realize the highly technical avionics systems in commercial jets would be able to detect the location where the laser flash came from. Which it did!
2. Why would our military put people’s lives at risk by practicing laser strikes on commercial passenger jets? They can use high altitude drones for that with no worries of human casualties.
3. The Huerfano County Sheriff’s department found no evidence of lasers or unfamiliar people and equipment at the location reported by the pilots. The deputies went out multiple times for the following two weeks looking for evidence.

One other thing! What about the helicopters that were seen late at night one week after all the mutilations took place.
– Were they looking for cause of mutilation evidence?
– Were they looking for the culprits?
– Or are they responsible for the mutilations and looking for another bovine victim?

So this is what we have at this time:
1. Eight cows mysteriously dead with unusual cuts.
2. UFOs seen at night after the last animal was found that day.
3. Black helicopters seen in the area one week after the last animal was found and the UFOs were seen.
4. Four months prior the mutilation events, pilots reported possible laser strikes two weeks in a row coming from the mutilation area.
5. Eye witness testimonies, and detailed law enforcement case reports.
6. Vet toxicology report mentioned in first blog still unknown.
7. A lot of unanswered questions.

If any new information “pops-up”, I’ll report it on this website.

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