UFO Sighting in Atlanta, Virginia on September 16th 2014 – Large aircraft flying in tight formation.

On Tuesday, September 16 around 8 PM, I was out admiring the clear afternoon. My attention was drawn to two large airliners overflying the area in very close formation, wing tip to wing tip. The aircraft were not very high and what was most interesting, no noise could be heard. I called on my neighbors and they also witnessed the event as the aircraft appeared to be gliding by and moving unusually slow. I would say the entire event took about 4 minutes before the aircraft disappeared from view heading North East into Kentucky. The flight path was from South West to North East in a straight line. The aircraft were reflecting the sun light and were not leaving a contrail from the engines. I would describe the aircraft as large passenger type. Passenger windows could be seen on the side. Both aircraft were identical with two engines under the wings. As they faded in the distance the aircraft on the right began emitting smoke from the engines and began to climb leaving the left aircraft behind.

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