UFO Sighting in Danbury, Connecticut on September 17th 2014 – Observed in clear area sky a bright starlike object grow extreme bright then fade started to move NW to N jumped up down and back abrupt angled change direction as it move away on path and faded into blackness of sky

Sept 17 2014 at approximately 10:30 was walking from car to the house in very dark area looked to Northwest sky noticed stars nothing unusual.After looking down and then looking Up I again looked at same spot in sky and observed {what I thought was} a very bright star that was not there before below three other stars I had observed before.I kept eyes on it and noticed it was getting even brighter and larger also shining emanating rays of radiance and extreme brightness Not like aircraft landing lights more like a welders torch.This occurred over 6-7 seconds where after it started to fade and grow progressively less bright to the size of a regular bright star{or same as a satellite moving across the sky}.From stationary it proceeded to move across the sky{it was very high the whole time I believe as well]and it moved from NW towards the North away from me gradually getting dimmer [as a satellite would if you were observing its orbiting the earth]What was remarkable was as I watched its path as it travelled away from me towards the horizon on its path it jumped at right angles from its path up first the forward then down then up again forward and down which was somewhat startling to see.After about One minute and some seconds later I watched the starlike object proceed on its path into the darkness seeing it dimly fade away

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