UFO Sighting in Quarryville, Pennsylvania on September 18th 2014 – lights traveled in pairs, moving E and turning to SW, moving rather slowly

I was sitting in the bleachers watching a tractor pull (noisy event) when i observed two pairs of orangish lights traveling slowly across the sky at a rate of a slow small aircraft or helicopter. the first pair turned to the SW, then another pair appeared from the east, then another, each pair turning to the SW following the same path. There were a total of 16 lights. The objects disappeared below the treeline to the South of the grandstands. I thought someone was flying small RC drones as part of the town fair. That was for the first 4. Then the next 4 came and I thought they might be helicopters doing something for Aberdeen Proving Ground (about 45 min drive SW of us)…which may well be the case, but no information has yet surfaced.

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