International UFO Congress Conference – Has Anyone Gone to These?

I really want to attend the International UFO Congress Conference that is held every year in Arizona. It’s the biggest UFO conference in the world (just won the award from the Guinness World Records). I have been wanting to go for years but never had the time due to work constraints. Now that I am a freelancer (yahooo!) I am thinking about attending the next one in Feb. 2015.

My favorite UFO author and researcher, Richard Dolan, will be speaking. Plus some other people that I find really interesting. It looks like a good lineup.

Has anyone gone to this? If so, what’s it like? Is it worth all the money I will spend? I estimate it’s going to cost around $1000: including travel, hotel, food, and conference fee. I don’t have a car so will have to rent one. The biggest expense is the hotel fee.

I’d love to hear feedback from people who have gone in the past. thanks! :smile5:

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