UFO Sighting in Essex, Maryland on August 4th 2012 – 2 level , very clear large craft with pulsating lights several feet high. Very close & very easy to see.

I want to bed at 11 PM & woke up at 1 am to let my dog out. I was at the door no more than 10 seconds when the craft appeared from the left. It was barely above the treetops and no more than 40 feet away from the end of my street. It was a two level craft with red and white pulsating lights several feet high separating the two levels. It made no noise and there was no vapor or trail. The craft was very large, about 100 feet from one side to the other.I heard laughter coming from the trees that sound childish, but no one was out at that time. The craft turned to the right, remaining slow and steady and disappeared out of sight within 2 minutes. I went back to bed. The next day I saw neighbors closest to the craft in their yard. I went up to them and all I said was, “By any chance was anyone outside at 1 am this morning?” They said no and I said, ” Oh, I was just wondering if perhaps someone might have saw something unusual last night” and they said, “Oh, you mean the UFO’S. They fly over all the time”. That was the end of the event.

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