UFO Sighting in Kingston, Ontario on September 12th 2014 – Observed three bright red lights and a disc shaped craft

My girlfriend and I were returning home from a supper outing. The time was approximately 8:10 pm. on Friday September 12, 2014. As we neared the turn to our house, we noticed three bright red lights in the northeast sky well above the treeline. They weren’t blinking but just a bright steady red. It appeared they were moving slowly. One minute later we had parked in the driveway. I went into the street to see if I could get a better view. There are a lot of large trees and leaves that made it hard to see. As I looked up, I saw a perfectly round shaped disc clearing the trees right above my head but a little north of my position. It was quite high. It was hard to estimate the size but I assume it was quite large. I called to my girlfriend who joined me and was amazed at the craft. It appeared to be a mottled colour of tan and pinkish and light grey. It definitely wasn’t silver. The color seemed very uneven almost pulsating but not bright. Rather dullish. There were clouds in the sky but we saw this against the late blue of the sky. It was almost directly above our heads. It seemed to cruise slowly in a southwest direction until in vanished into some clouds. That is where we lost sight of it. Although quite high (I have to assume) it still looked about the size of nickel if I made a circle with my forefinger and thumb and made no sound as it slowly flew by. As we looked over the house, in a southerly direction, we noticed two red glowing objects cruising in the same direction. They appeared to be two separate lights because they were quite a distance apart. One seemed much higher. I live near a small airport and have seen planes in the sky before but I have to say that these lights were different. They weren’t blinking. Just a bright steady red cruising through the sky slowly. They too disappeared past our limit of vision. I went to the backyard to see if I could see them as my girlfriend went for a camera but they were no longer visible. This is the first time in my life or ours that we have witnessed something so unusual. We initially saw three bright red lights and when I went into the street a minute or so later is when I noticed the disc object overhead and only saw the two red lights a couple of minutes later. They all seemed to be going in the same direction but I would say miles apart. I have done a fair amount of research on the internet regarding this subject and was quite elated that this has happened to me. My girlfriend on the other hand remarked that it made her feel very unsettled or uneasy about the sighting. Sincerely this event happened just as I have described it.

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