UFO Sighting in Navarre, Florida on September 19th 2014 – There were two collections of lights that were seperated by about 20ft, I couldn't see one completely but from I what I saw it mirrored the one closest to me, which was traingular shaped with several smaller lights beneath it.

I was headed south on hwy 87 from I-10 on September 19, 2014 around approximately 8:30pm. I was a little north of Buck Pond but I’m pretty sure we had already went through the red light that merged into the single lane road. I glanced in my drivers side rear view mirror because a car behind me had bright lights on. When I glanced out a bright light above the treeline caught my eye. When I looked up, about maybe a football field away, I saw two collections of lights that were separated by about 20ft, I couldn’t see one completely because of the trees but from I what I saw, it mirrored the one closest to me, which had three bigger bright lights in the shape of a triangle with several smaller lights beneath/north of it. It looked something like this . I looked back and forth between it and the road about 4-5 times and then it was gone the next time I looked up. At first I thought it was fireworks but it didn’t move at all and there was no noise. The absence of noise made me realize that my Pandora stopped working on my phone. I wasn’t able to get the 4G connection on my phone for about another mile or so.

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