UFO Sighting in Newark, California on September 20th 2014 – Black oval slowly ascended and then stopped in air for 25 mins – looked like a star in the sky. 2 smaller drones appeared at lower altitudes and then disappeared in Newark CA on 9/20/14 at around 3:30 pm.

While waiting for my wife to finish her insurance sales appointment at a house in Newark California, I witnessed an odd looking black oval shaped object that appeared to be pulsating or constantly changing shape ascending into the sky. What raised my curiousity was how it was moving – in an ascending path but floating quickly. I ruled out a balloon because it moved steady and in a straight unwavering path about 45 degrees. I watched as how the black color would change back and forth to white and then back to black for about 10 mins then remained a bright white – as if it were reflecting the sunlight.It continued to climb until it looked like a star in the 3:30 ish sky – then it completely stopped. I watched it for 20 more minutes until my wife came out of the customers house. I then showed her the “star” and told her it was a UFO and Ive been watching it for a long time and its definitely a UFO. She said she couldnt see it from the sidewalk we were standing but after I pointed where to look, she did see it – looked like a star. She said she had to go to her next appointment and I asked if we could stay so I could continue tracking the UFO. While she was telling me no, 2 smaller fast moving white orbs flew past the “star” then slowly disappeared. We had to leave and I hoped many others saw what I did.

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