UFO Sighting in Everett, Washington on September 20th 2014 – 3 then 7 orange light hovering, then faded

I was in my dining room facing South, closing the windows for the night at about 10 pm last night. I looked up over the roof top of the neighboring house, and noticed 3 orange lights, in a horizontal line, in the sky about 2-3 feet above the roof-line. They were approximately the size of a round pencil eraser and the brightness of the lights was constant orange with no flashing such as from a helicopter or plane. At first I thought they might be helicopters as they were not moving nor changing shape. We live two blocks from a hospital where there is a helipad; we see them come and go regularly. As I watched them to see if they were moving, another appeared – exactly the same size (not fading in from a smaller size as though coming closer), then 3 more appeared. They were not in any discernible pattern though the first 3 were still in a horizontal line. There was some movement among them, like arranging themselves equidistant, then hovering in place. I rushed out onto the front porch to see if I could hear the sound of rotors, or engines. It seemed unlikely there were that many helicopters hovering so close together – they appeared to be about an inch or so apart, and I could not tell how far away. Outside I could not hear any sound at all. I was feeling alarmed now, as this was very strange. I looked around to see if there was anyone else out for a walk or in their yard to point it out to, but saw no one. About a minute after I went outside, one of the lights faded away – it didn’t get smaller as though moving away from me, the light simply dimmed, then vanished. The remaining 6 did the same thing – simply faded away one after another. I counted and it was approximately 3 seconds from the time they began to dim until they completely disappeared.

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